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International Trombone Ensemble recorded A SONG FOR JAPAN on their 2nd CD "HIROS"!


2013年7月の日本ツアーでリリースされた、ITEのCD第2弾! A SONG FOR JAPANの特別バージョンをオクテットで収録したほか、ITEのクラシカルなレパートリーのほか、ゲストにジャストロンボーンの世界的第一人者、バート・ファン・リール氏を迎えてジャズやポップの音楽も多数。


A new CD by the International Trombone Ensemble including a special octet version of "A Song For Japan" released during their Japan tour in July 2013.
Besides their classical repertoire they recorded many jazz and pop music with a world leading Jazz trombonist Bart van Lier as a guest soloist.
Order by email to the address above.

Bart Claessens, Nico Schippers, Quirijn van den Bijlaard, Jaume Gavilan Agullo, Victor Belmonte Albert, Karol Gajda, Takashi Shinagawa
Martin Schippers, Tomer Maschkowski
[Guest Soloist]
Bart van Lier
[Recording Engineer]
Martin van den Berg (also playing on track 11)

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