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A Song For Japan flash mob from Taipei Station on 3.11!

A SONG FOR JAPAN, 長號重奏快閃演出 @台北車站!
11th March 2014, A Song for Japan, trombone ensemble flash mob @Taipei Main Station




"Three years ago, Japan faced a very big earthquake, many people lost their families and friends there.
Today (11th March 2014), my senior called us to perform a trombone ensemble flash mob in the afternoon, that was 3:11pm.
The flash mob happens at 9:11pm, at Taipei Main Station 台北車站, we went there after our first and last rehearsal.
Some times, nature disaster happens, but human kind help each other. Thank you to every teachers and friends of my in Taiwan, for helping me all the way since I reached here from Malaysia.

日本 がんばってください! 台灣加油! Pray for MAS MH370 !! Your families and friends care about you, they love you, we love you."

Performers (from right to left):
Chung-Jen Fang, Feng-Ru Huang, Ge-Hsi Chiang, Jia-Hua Feng, Jun-Yao Chen, Lance, Wen-Hong Low, Tzu-Yen Hsieh, Chi-Chen Chen, Chu-Ting Huang, Zheng-Yue Tsai, Hsuan-Yu Chen, Si-Han You

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