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A Song For Japan and donation by Bessho Brass!


  ・4曲目『A Song For Japan』

当サイトから400枚ご購入いただいたA Song For Japanステッカーは、パンフレットのクロスワードパズルに絡めて、350枚が配布されました。合わせて募金も行われ、合計¥41,674‐を日本赤十字社の方にご寄付いただきました。



The Wind band director, Mr. Yasuhisa Yamamoto, of the Beppu Shogyo High School took part in A Song For Japan with their 52th Bessho Brass Concert on the 27th of December, 2015.

For the full-house audience of approx 1,000 people, they performed a program consisting of classical music, music with a guest trombonist Mr Kazuyoshi Wakasa, marching performance and pop music including A Song For Japan and Stars and Stripes Forever with the guest soloist again.
The entire concert was in a nice at-home atmosphere.

The band purchased 400 of A Song For Japan stickers, which they attached as part of the cross-word game in their program booklet. The donation was also collected during the concert, resulted 41,674 JPY and sent to the Japan Rec Cross.

Mr Yamamoto says, "Participation to this donation became a great opportunity for both the people in the audience and the students to realize that scars of the Tsunami disaster were still remaining and that music could help somebody somehow. We wish the project keeps running and the recovery of the Tohoku area come true as soon as possible. Thank you for this opportunity and help."

A Song For Japan project team would also like to send our thanks to the Bessho Brass.



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