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Videos of the world premiere of A Song For Japan at the Slide Factory 2011!


4月14日〜17日にオランダ行われたヨーロピアン・トロンボーン・フェスティヴァル“スライド・ファクトリー”2011での、"A Song For Japan"世界初演です。演奏はチューリッヒ(スイス)、ハノーファー(ドイツ)、ロッテルダム(オランダ)の各音楽院・音楽大学のトロンボーンクラスの学生たち&ピエール・フォルダース(指揮)です。
This is the world prepiere of "A Song For Japan" during the European Trombone Festival "Slide Factory" 2011 in the Netherlands. Performed by three trombone classes from Zurich, Hannover and Rotterdam with the conductor Pierre Volders. Excellent!

The next one is from the Outside Spectacle Concert during the festival, with many festival participants joined to the classes. As soon as the conductor Tommy started introducing about the piece, many people including lovely kids came up to us to donate. We would like to thank all for your actions and thoughts for Japan!

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