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A Song For Japan by the Wakayama Trombones Ensemble!

和歌山の「とろんぼ〜んずアンサンブル」が、5月14日に和歌山ビッグ愛大ホールにて行われた第6回定期演奏会でA Song For Japanを演奏し、被災地へ想いを送りました! 素晴らしい演奏をありがとうございます。動画はそのリハーサルの模様です。BRAVO!

"Trombones Ensemble" from Wakayama (Japan) played "A Song For Japan" at their 6th regular concert in Wakayama Big-Ai Hall and send their thoughts to the victims in Tohoku area. Thank you for your great playing! This movie is from one of their rehearsals. Bravo!

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