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A Song For Japan by Trombone Wuartet TINTS!


トロンボーン・カルテット・ティンツ 「CD発売記念コンサート」ツアー最終・東京三鷹公演
2011年6月7日 19:00開演 三鷹市芸術文化センター『風のホール』

The final concert of the Trombone Quartet TINTS CD Release Concert Tour occured in Mitaka, Tokyo on 07 June 2011. This quartet consists of four young ambitious trombone talents and released the debut CD in February 2011. This concert was planned first on 02 April but they had to postpone it after the earthquake and Tsunami occured in March. Mr. Mikio Nitta (NHK Symphony) and a pianist Mrs. Hitomi Takara joined them on stage. They performed "A Song For Japan" of their own special arrangement.

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