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Horn Quartet visited the destroyed Rikuzen-Takata City.


「 その時に見た光景が忘れられず、自分がTVの仕事をしているのにもかかわらずTVの表現力の乏しさに愕然とするほど、画面で見るのとは違った迫力を感じました。その時に画像を撮影したのですが、自分自身でその迫力に負け、その画像を見ることもせずお蔵入りにしていました。しかし、最近になってようやくそのショックからも立ち直ることができ、A Song For Japanの活動を耳にするようになり、演奏を録音し、撮影した画像を編集したものをYouTubeにUPしました。私たちはアマチュアですが、音楽を通じて何か伝えることができればという思いと、この悲惨な震災の爪痕を忘れてはいけないという思いでこの映像と演奏を残したいと思います。」

This is from a horn player Mr. shin. The photos in this video were all taken when he went to work in Rikuzen-Takata city in Iwate Pref.

"I could not get rid of the images in my head after I saw the view of endless disaster. It was such a completely different scale of the power of the view that I could not believe how poor our televisons' power of expression was, though I had been working in a TV broadcast myself. I took some pictures at that time, but I have not been able to look at them at all for their strong impact. These days I finally recovered from the shock and heard about A Song For Japan Project. I made a recording and out it on Youtube with the pictures that I took. We are amateurs as horn players, but we would like to leave this video with our thoughts that we might be able to send some messages and that we should never forget these miserable scars by earthquakes and Tsunami."

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