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The Ensemble Fanfare visited the tragically damaged Ishinomaki City



今回演奏した中から、「A Song for Japan」をアップしました。傷だらけですが、演奏を通して伝わる何かがあったと思います。住吉中吹奏楽部の皆さん、校長先生はじめ先生方、保護者の皆様、本当にありがとうございました。

当日は団員から集まった義援金15,500円と食料品などの物資も中学校へお届けしました。また、去る4月24日に行ったチャリティーコンサートでは187,515円もの義援金が集まり、飯田市社会福祉協議会を通して東日本大震災義援金として寄付されています。ファンファールでは、12月の定期演奏会でも"A Song For Japan"を演奏するほか、他にもビッグバンドや吹奏楽団でも演奏して、ステッカーも販売する予定です。今後も音楽を通じて、できる範囲での支援を続けていくそうです。



今後、長野県内でA Song For Japaステッカー募金を行うコンサートの情報

"Ensemble Fanfare" from Nagano Pref. visited the Ishinomaki Junior High School in Miyagi Pref. and played a mini concert including "A Song for Japan".

After traveling for nine hours by bus the members of the ensemble got shocked by seeing the views whcih were very different from the ones they had seen on TV. Every member of the group thought that people outside the disaster had started forgetting what happened in March - they all reminded "The world should never forget it!". In their mini concert the ensemble played the piece with the feelings from the bottom of the hearts.

They deivered 15,500 YEN as the donation from the members and lots of goods and food to the school. This group also collected 187,515 YEN at their benefit concert on the 24th of April and sent all of it to the east Japan. They are planning to play this piece in their regular concert in December, and the members have plans to play it with bigbands and windbands and sell the "A Song for Japan "stickers.

"We will try to tell people about whatever we saw in Ishinomaki and continue supportive activities as long as possible." said one of the members M. Fujimori.

Please click this link to see what they saw in Ishinomaki -

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