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Tama-Young Orchestra performed A Song For Japan!

去る2011年10月22日に開催された、東京近郊で活動するアマチュア金管アンサンブル「多摩ヤングボーイズ&ガールズ」(通称:多摩ヤン)による一発オーケストラ企画 -「多摩ヤンオーケストラ 第4回演奏会」からの"A Song For Japan"の演奏です。

This is "A Song For Japan" performed by Tamayan Orchestra 4th Concert on October 22, 2011.
The "Tamayan Orchestra" is an amateur orchestra which has both a rehearsal and a concert on one single day. The members are from an amateur brass ensemble "Tama Young Boys & Girls" acting in the outskirts of Tokyo.

Oct 22, 2011 Morishita Culture Center (Koutou-ku, Tokyo)

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