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Flute sings A Song For Japan in Kashima, Ibaraki!


「 茨城県、鹿嶋市も震災で様々な被害を受けました。この演奏会はチャリティーではありますが、半ば慰問演奏の意味合いも込めて、開催させていただいたものです。お客様に喜んで頂けたのが何よりでした。

2011年9月4日 鹿嶋市大野ふれあいセンター
Flute / Wakako Ejiri, Piano / Yuka Narita

A Flutist, Wakako Ejiri has posted a video of her performance and a message.

"The Ibaraki Prefecture and the Kashima City has also been suffering the catastrophe. This charity concert took place with full audience (over 350 people). We donated the entrance fee - total 360,000 YEN to the Kashima City, and 35,000 YEN to the Ibaraki Prefecture after charity goods sale. First of all we were happy to see that the audience had a good time. We would like to continue supporting the recovery by doing these activities and praying until things get back to normal as soon as possible."

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