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Sydney Symphony Orchestra trombonists performed "A Song For Japan" as an encore of the orchestra concert!


その後、アンコールとして、同オケの4人のトロンボーン奏者たち〜ロン・プラッシング、スコット・キンモント、ニック・バイルン、ブレット・ページ〜がオーケストラの前方で心に染みいる感動的な"A Song For Japan"を演奏しました。テューバ奏者のスティーヴ・ロッスによって、このアンコールについて日本語で(!)紹介がありました。その日本語スピーチを英語に直すと、こんな感じだったようです。(それを再度日本語に直すとおそらく奇妙なことになるので、そのままにしておきます)

"Ladies and Gentlemen ? honoured guests. Please forgive this unusual finale to a concert.? We want to thank you for making the Sydney Symphony so welcome in your country. We could not complete the tour without expressing both our sympathies for the events of March this year and the admiration of all Australians for the way that you responded as a Nation.
Our Prime Minister was the first world leader to visit after the catastrophe to express the compassion of our country.? Now we, on behalf of all Australians, would like to express to you, as representatives of the Japanese people, both our compassion and respect by performing for you a composition written in April this year as a gift to Japan for trombonists around the world to show their sorrow, goodwill and to offer strength for the future.
The trombonists for the Sydney Symphony will now perform for you The Song for Japan."


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