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A Song For Japan from Hungary!

ハンガリーのZsolt Szaboさん+セントラル・ブラスからの投稿です。


Played with Zsolt Szabo (Chicago) trombone
To all the people of Japan that lost their lifes in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.
You will never be forgotten.
And to all the people still suffering in the Tohuko area:
We have all not forgotten about you and your suffering.
The world is still thinking of you and sending you all our best wishes.
Never forget that the sun will shine again for you!

Arranger: Murad Abbas (member of Central Brass)
Live record - Budapest 2011. 12. 07. (recorded and enginiered enginiered Ádám Erős & Dániel Erős)
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