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Ishinomaki Windband Festival "Arigato Live" is coming soon!


石巻地区吹奏楽祭〜石巻の小中高生500人 「ありがとう」の大合奏LIVE

2月5日(日)に、石巻地区の吹奏楽連盟に加盟する小中高・大学・一般のバンドが参加して行われます。石巻地区では現在使用できる大きなホールがないため,今年は石巻西高校の体育館で行うことになりました。各団体の演奏のほかに,今年は「ありがとうの大合唱」と称して,全出演者による合同演奏・合唱を行います。東京のNPO「絆プロジェクト」 のご協力により,動画配信される予定です。


学校は10月まで避難所となり、震災直後は最大で5000人が避難しました。部活動の再開は5月からでしたが、音楽室以外は使えない状況で、2か月の練習でコンクールに臨みました。結果は地区大会までとなりました。例年、吹奏楽部は夏場は地域の行事に多数出演しています。今年は中止になったり時期が秋にずれ込んだりして出演できませんでしたが、障がい者と健常者の交流を図る『とっておきの音楽祭東まつしま』などに参加しました。秋には東京のマーチングバンド「エステティック・ロマ」の皆さんと校内で合同演奏会を行いました。12月のアンサンブルコンテストでは、地区大会(石巻地区大会ですが,遠方の大崎市で行われました) においてA Song For Japanを2グループで演奏しました。」

「5年目となる一般バンドの東松島吹奏楽団との合同演奏でこの吹奏楽祭に出演し、A Song For Japanを演奏します。世代を超えて音楽を通した交流を図ろうと活動しています。

The joint band of Aoba JH School Band and the Higashi-Matsushima Windband

Ishinomaki Windband Festival
- 500 students from the Ishinomaki Area
playing "Arigato Live" Large Ensemble

On Sunday, the 5th of February the windband from the elementary, the junior high and the high schools, colleges, the universities and the other amateur's from all over the Ishinomaki Area will perform in this festival. The Ishinomaki City got hit by huge Tsunami and there is still no large concert hall available at this point. Therefore, this festival will be held in the gymnasium of one of the high schools. Besides the performances by the bands there will be a huge performnace played and sung by all the participants of this festival as its climax, named "A Big Chorus of Thanks". This will be broadcasted by the NPO "Kizuna Project".
This information was posted by a teacher from the Aoba Junior High School, Mr. Keita Sakurai. His school band has its 15 members. The school building was luckily undamaged, but a quarter of the houses and the buildings in the school zone was flown away by huge Tsunami, and the other quarter had the houses partially destroyed. Many of the students had to move to far away from the zone and switch the schools or commute a long way to the school. Some of them live in temporary dwellings.

The building of their school was used as a public safe shelter until last October and contained 5,000 evacuees at the peak. The students of Mr. Sakurai's restarted their activities of the windband club in May, but in one room all the time. After only two months of preparation they played at the windband competition. Usually this band has a lot of concerts to play in summer, but most of them were cancelled or postponed this season, except the music festival for communication between the handicapped and the healthies in the East Matsushima. Last autumn they played a joint concert with a marching band "Aesthetic Romany" from Tokyo in their school building. Two groups from his school played "A Song for Japan" at the ensemble contest in December. Now they play A Song For Japan at the festival with the Higashi-Matsushima Windband consisting of adult amateur players. Many generations will gather on stage to perform this piece together.
Mr. Sakurai says, "The technique of the students is not so brilliant but we would like to express our thanks from the bottom of our hearts as the players who live in disaster stricken areas and have got diverse kinds of support and help. The students are practicing this song now, simply loving this beautiful piece, not connecting it so much to the disaster. Thank you very much for such a great opportunity. When the festival is done, we would like to report how it went." USarmyIshinomaki.JPG
A group from the US Army (Camp Zama) performing for evacuees in front of Mr. Sakurai's school,

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