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A Song For Japan from Spain!


After one year of the natural disaster taken place in Japan, and while the Japanese people try to reconstruct their country and their own life affected by the tragedy, we want to add ourselves as trombonist of all over the world for a tribute to all these people that are suffering, playing " A song for Japan" (Steven Verhelst) in different and emblematic places of Madrid. We wished you enjoy it...

Un ano despues de la terrible catastrofe de Japon, y mientras siguen las labores de reconstruccion que pretenden rehacer la vida de tanta gente afectada, queremos sumarnos al recuerdo y al homenaje brindado por trombonistas de todo el mundo, interpretando "A Song for Japan" (Steven Verhelst) en diferentes lugares emblematicos de Madrid. Esperemos que os guste...

Ximo Vicedo,
Jordi Navarro,
Juan Carlos Matamoros.

Video/ Image: Enrique Pratas
Sonido/Sound: Juan Hernandez

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