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A Song For Japan by 100 players of the Japan Association of Trombone!

日本トロンボーン協会による総勢100名のA SONG FOR JAPAN!
A Song For Japan by 100 players of the Japan Association of Trombone!!


2012年3月11日 第14回トロンボーンアカデミー&フェスティバル
全員合奏"A Song for Japan"(主催:日本トロンボーン協会)

私たち日本トロンボーン協会では、イベントのフィナーレとなる全員合奏で"A Song for Japan"を演奏し、亡くなられた皆さまへの鎮魂と、今なお復興に向けて頑張っている被災地へエールを送ろうと考え、出演者および観客の皆さまに呼びかけて、総勢約100名で演奏いたしました。



People all over the world, We sincerely thank you very much for praying for Japan.

11th of March 2012
The 14th Trombone Academy & Festival (Presented by the Japan Association of Trombone) performed "A Song for Japan"

This was a memorable day - one year anniversary of the nightmarish huge 3.11 disasters. In the end of the festival we 'JAT' played "A Song for Japan" as a requiem for the victims and hearty cheers to the affected people who are still on missions to reconstruction. We called players and audience to play together, and finally nearly 100 people altogether attended to play.

People from all over the world, thank you very much for continuous support to Japan.

Solo: Tadaaki Kato, tenor / Jun-ichiro Murakami, bass
Conductor: Junpei Inoue, Chairman of the Japan Association of Trombone

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