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A SONG FOR JAPAN by the Kawanishi Civic Orchestra, Osaka!

川西市民オーケストラ "A Song For Japan" 日本に捧げる歌
A SONG FOR JAPAN by the Kawanishi Civic Orchestra, Osaka!!


The Kawanishi Civic Orchestra has faced many difficulties since it was established in May 2011 when it was right after the earthquake on "3.11". There are still many people trying to get their lives back nowadays. We all think that our orchestra's birth and the "3.11" catastroph must always be a part of the history of this orchestra. At this memorial occasion of our debut concert we performed "A Song For Japan" with our thoughts for the victims and pray for recovery of the people of the Tohoku area, before the real concert program. The fully seated audience came along with our pray while listening to the beautiful melodies.

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