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A SONG FOR JAPAN by 5 trombonists from 5 different bands of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force!


「陸上自衛隊の5方面音楽隊(北部・東北・東部・中部・西部)から1名ずつ選出したメンバーで「A Song for Japan」を演奏しました。

A live recorded video of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Music Festival in Tokyo last week!
A comment by one of the members;
"Five trombonists from five different bands of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force gathered together to play A SONG FOR JAPAN at the Music Festival. It was not easy to play in the same quality at eight concerts, but we hope we made it.
However, as a one whose family was affected by the Tsunami disaster and who has been dispatched to the disaster sticken areas at that time, often while playing I happened to remember those days and face some difficulties of being too emotional to play. Primarily it took me more than two years to start feeling like playing this song. With my colleagues we thought it was about the time to finally try to play it. We came to this thought and were able to feel that this song was so beautiful, probably because we have finally come to the point where we can see some sort of signs that recovery has come closer."

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