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The Composer Steven Verhelst visited Fukushima.

A SONG FOR JAPANの作曲を担当したスティーヴン・フェルヘルストが、オランダのインターナショナル・トロンボーン・アンサンブルの日本ツアー期間中に初めて日本の地に足を踏み入れました。

The composer of A Song For Japan, Steven Verhelst visited Japan for the first time during the Japan tour of the International Trombone Ensemble (ITE).
He has had a strong wish to visit the areas since the Tsunami attacked in 2011. With great help by the music fans of Iwaki, he visited the coast of the city, the place called Onahama on the 20th of July.
It was a very important experience for him to see, touch and smell the place, to talk to the people there and to give thoughts of what happened / is happening to many people who used to actually live there.
Special thanks for understanding and accompaning him.


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