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Today Four Year 3.11 Anniversary




Today it is the fourth anniversary of "3.11". Lots of thanks to everyone for his/her great support and pray for Japan in the past four years. A Song For Japan proect Team would like to send condolences to the 155,891 victims and wish the 2,584 missing people to be found and return to the family as soon as possible.

Approx 229,000 people still live in temporal houses. In the Miyagi Prefecture, the Iwate Prefecture and the Fukushima Prefecture they keep building public housings still now. However, there are approx 80,000 people in temporal houses, awaiting to live in better conditions.
3,244 evacuees of the Iwate, the Miyagi and the Fukushima prefectures have passed away due to health problems or suiside.

We wish to keep playing heart-warming music and supporting the people of Japan until they have peace and their 100%-full smiles back.

11 March, 2015
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