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One More Million YEN has just been donated to the Japan Red Cross!




現時点ではこの日本赤十字社の義援金の受付は3月31日までとなっていますが、さらに延長される可能性もございます。延長か打ち切りか、今後の動向を見守り、A SONG FOR JAPANプロジェクトにお寄せいただいている残金をどうするかを決定してまいりたいと思います。

We would like to report that today we just sent 1,000,000 JPY to the Japan Red Cross Society's donation for the East-Japan Earthquake & Tsunami.

At this point the deadline of this donation at the Japan Red Cross is the 31st of March. However, there are some possibilities that they will keep accepting donation by postponing the deadline. We will decide what to do with the remaining money in the bank and the Paypal accounts of A SONG FOR JAPAN Project, when they announce wheather they stop or continue.
Thanks for long-term support to Japan by donating, playing, spreading the info etc!
posted by asfj at 14:37| グッズ募金 donation