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CD Release "Fu-Ka-San-Rei" by Takenori Yoshikawa

トロンボーン・カルテット・ジパングおよびNHK交響楽団のメンバー、吉川武典さんのソロCD「風花賛礼」が10月26日にリリースされました。3月11日にレコーディングを行っていた吉川さんは、地震によりセッションの中止を余儀なくされました。数カ月のちに録音を再開できることになり、このA Song For Japanをプログラムに加え、特別な想いをこめて演奏されました。

On the 26th of October Takenori Yoshikawa, a trombonist from the Trombone Quartet Zipang and the NHK Symphony Orchestra, just released his solo CD which includes the solo + piano version of A Song For Japan arranged by Seiichi Sato. He was in the middle of his recording session for this CD when the big earthquake hit Tokyo on the 11th of March. He hadno choice but to stop the session immediately. After waiting for a few month he got a chance to finish the recording and decided to add this piece which he played with special feelings in his heart.


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